Internet Download Manager or IDM 6.17 is the latest improved version from Tonec Inc. This version has solved the compatibility issues with all browsers such as Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox all versions, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Aurora, Safari, Opera. IDM 6.17 also helps you to download videos from YouTube, MySpace, Google Videos and other popular sites.
Internet Download Manager was originally developed to overcome the downloading issues. Before the IDM, it was difficult for us to download large files, movies or any other software packages. The reasons were a lot of such as connection lost, power supply issues or any other problem caused to loss entire download. We have to start the download process again. We even were unable to pause downloads because there was no option.
IDM resolved these all issues. It provides not only resume capability but also can start the download from the point where you have lost your connection or some electricity break down. IDM also provides us 5 times faster speed of downloading as usual. It divides the file into some parts and then starts to download them using equal speed for all and at the end IDM joint all parts into a single file. And then we can see our desired file.
IDM 6.17 has also resolved the compatibility issues with browsers. Such as when Google Chrome has updated its version the older version of IDM faced compatibility issue with it and we were unable to get download button for videos such as YouTube or Facebook videos. Using IDM 6.17, we can now download all them using Google Chrome. IDM 6.17 has also resolved some minor issues with all other browsers such as Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Web Browser, Safari and all other web browser. IDM 6.17 will automatically integrate with all installed browsers to your computer system but also get integration with the new browser which you install later.

How to Crack Internet Download Manager IDM 6.17

i) Download Internet Download Manager IDM 6.17 from http://arslanali12.blogspot.com/

ii) Now extract  and Complete setup

iii) Now exit from the icon tray

iv) Copy the crack file and Paste and replace it to here

     C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager
      C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager

Run the software and enter the given serial key 

vi) Done and enjoy...........

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